A stablecoin is a digital version of “fiat” (fiat is a traditional currency like euro, pound or dollar,..) in your pocket. It’s the next evolution of money – digital crypto-currency cash. A stablecoin gives you all the benefits of crypto-currency, like faster, cheaper and borderless transactions in a complete security, without any of the volatility from market prices. And unlike other forms of digital money (e.g. banks), you have full ownership of your money recorded on the blockchain, the same way you would if you were holding a FIAT
Cryptocurrency can be confusing and complicated.
Youseeme want to make it simple and create a series of regulated stablecoin such as Eurex (EURX), Poundex (PNDX) and Dollarex (USDZ) to be used on a large scale in all kinds of transactions and is intended to bring the value of the Euro and Pound into the digital age.
Our stable coins are fully pegged 1 to 1 to their national currencies and redeemable, it’s designed in the Ethereum Blockchain which you can simply send as an e-mail.
The balance of these stable coins (deposits in escrow) is reviewed quarterly by a chartered accounting firm and all reports from independent accountants are available on request.